On the Highway to Relegation

We’re on the HIGGHHWAYYYY to hellll! Reality has finally sunk in and relegation is becoming more and more real as every match passes. I find it quite odd that in my Arsenal vs. Southampton post I spoke about an Aubameyang sabotage, and for crying out loud here he is missing with “calf tightness”. Did Auba finally get his wish and is being transferred out this coming January? I knew a loss was inevitable today against Everton as soon as I seen Arteta resort back to the abysmal 3-4-3 formation with Nketiah , Willian , Holding, and David Luiz in the fold. Also Pepe is clearly disgruntled and must be dismissed from the club immediately! He lacks passion, doesn’t care about the outcome , lethargic gameplay, and is unmotivated every match! As fans we must be able to accept the harsh reality of relegation unless something is done. I’m old enough to remember Leeds United being a powerhouse in the EPL and being suddenly relegated in the 2003/2004 season. This was a shocker to me as Leeds were a dominant team for decades. Now I see Arsenal following the same footsteps, it’s to see we have some deluded fans who think relegation is impossible. It took Leeds nearly 16 years just to get back! Do we want to wait a quarter of a lifetime to be back in the league? What kind of clubs’ only achievement is to make Top 4? We are set up to lose as this brings a low standard of achievement . Every club should have the hope of winning the title and make that the goal of every season.

An Everton squad without James and Alan looked like Liverpool today. We have a tendency to make trash and mediocre teams look like Liverpool. Change is needed, and the Arteta experiment is not working out. I do feel bad as his short tenure was sabotaged by certain players, but as a manager you should be able to see this and find a solution. He is just not ready to lead a team and I won’t mind seeing him as an assistant manager for Arsenal in the near future.

As fans we are told to “Trust the Process” a term most likely being pushed by Arsenals PR firm. I’ll give you a quick background where this term came from. Me as I watch every sport I quickly recognized this ploy to calm the fanbase. This was a term created by the Philladelphia 76ers an NBA team who kept losing every season. Players would get injured and miss the whole season. The team would purposely lose to get higher draft picks. This happened for almost 4 years and fans were told to “Trust the Process” as upper management battled each other for power of the franchise. Finally the franchise sacked the general manager and the team started winning again. I bring this up because fans were told to “Trust the process” and they believed this junk every year being fed to them. As Arsenal fans don’t fall for this American PR trap to keep us blinded on what’s really going on with the club. We have players , personnel, boardroom executives, and an owner who all don’t give two shits about the club. Their main motivation is money and they can care less if the club is in the EFL championship league next season. Stop being fooled by the awesome looking merchandise and fancy PR slogans. Voice your opinion and demand change , a change that is not led by shills and pundits who are bought out and sent all the new merchandise. The next game is Chelsea and that is already a write off so let’s look forward to the Brighton match on the 29th as we battle relegation.

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