Who is the Rat?

As of recent, Arteta told his team he would “Destroy” the player who has allegedly been leaking inside information. In this post I will discuss the main suspects and give the reasons why they are and why they aren’t the rat.

Alexandre LacazetteReason Why he is the Rat: Has been on and off in the rotation since last season. Clearly is disgruntled about the lack of playing time , expressions and gestures while on the pitch shows this. Hasn’t been resigned and will be sold this upcoming transfer window.

Why he isn’t: Has been with the club since 2017. Loved by the fan base and returns the love by always respecting fans. Hasn’t criticized the club in the past few years he’s been there. One of the highest paid senior players with a salary of £182,063 weekly, a salary he wouldn’t get close to seeing with any other club. So why ruin a good thing?

Mikel Arteta and co.Reason why: Seems fed up with certain Senior players attitudes. Lost the dressing room as there is a clear divide. Leaking info to the media about certain players has been a tactic used since the Wenger days. Wenger specifically used this tactic against Star Forward Robin Van Persie. This ended up turning the fan base against him and eventually we seen Van Persie being pushed out by the club. Even though his desire was to remain with Arsenal. This tactic was also used against many players of the past such as Henry, Vieira , Adebayor, Fabregas etc..

Why he isn’t: Currently Arteta is a new manager so he hasn’t been corrupted yet by the dark side of club transfers. Wants to leave a lasting impression that he is an honest and good manager so has no reason to do otherwise.

Mesut Ozil : Why he is: Ozil has been banished from the club. Hasn’t suited up since March 2020 . Adidas announced they will not be renewing Ozil’s deal after five years. The club doesn’t back him and makes him look like a problem athlete who doesn’t want to be with the squad.

Why he isn’t: Ozil is the most popular player to wear the Arsenal jersey for the past decade. Is loved by the fan base internationally. Also very well respected in the dressing room with other teammates. Has no reason to turn on teammates who have stood by him ever since he’s been banished. Despises the media as they have been targeting him ever since he joined the club in 2013.

David Luiz : Why he is: Probably the main suspect next to Arteta and co. What more can I say other than he is a wild man. Beat up Ceballos in training and has been a wrecking ball ever since he joined the squad. Hasn’t spoken to Arteta in weeks so what better way to get the manager sacked than to leak the chaos unfolding within the team.

Why he isn’t : Can’t really think of any reasons to why he isn’t the rat. Other than most of the leaked rumours involve him so why rat on himself?

Granit Xhaka: Why he is: Not liked by many players on the team. Despised by the fan base, and Arsenal Legends. Kind of is a lone wolf at the club with only Arteta backing him. What better way to get revenge on the fan base you despise and the teammates who dislike you.

Why he isn’t : Is loved by the Club and Arteta. Why would he ruin a good thing as he is clearly benefiting from being Arsenal’s main guy.

Hector Bellerin: Why he is: Also not liked by many teammates. Has been with the squad since 2011 so is probably sick of the politics in the Club.

Why he isn’t: He is Artetas’ favorite player and was raised by him as well. He wouldn’t want to ruin the image of his father figure. Or to a club he’s been with since his teenage years

Nicolas Pepe: Why he is: Has been somewhat of a disappointment since coming from Lille. Has been criticized since arrival as he is not living up to the £72 million fee expectations. Came into a bad situation and most likely wants out.

Why he isn’t: Is close to teammates , so there is no reason for him to leak info about them. Too new to be involved in club politics.

Overall my theory this is a Club ploy to push out certain players during the upcoming transfer window.

Click on the post and comment below. Would love to hear your theories.

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  1. yvesjean says:

    the hell with this shite team giving me a stroke the past 15 years

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