Is David Luiz a Saboteur sent from Chelsea? Or just simply sucks?

David Luiz after cracking Raul Jimenez Skull

It’s been a strange year over in North London. It has gotten to the point where you wonder where certain players Loyalty lies. Is it to the club and die hard fans or is it to the Pound Sterling. One person that make me definitely think otherwise is a man by the name of David Luiz. Our “Passionate” , “Fiery” , “Hard Working” central defender, ya right (Eye Roll). After setting a new Premier League for most penalties conceded in one season by a single player last season. He follows up that campaign with cracking Jimenez skull during the Wolverhampton match thus ending the players season and maybe even career.

Luiz has only appeared in 6 matches in the premier league so far with a record of 2 wins and 4 losses while he’s at the back. The season just began and he’s already missed half of the season. I can’t help to wonder, is he sabotaging the games on purpose for another club or does he have a gambling problem where he throws games? Who knows? But what I do know is David Luiz was not that type of player who suited up for the Blues at Stamford Bridge. His miscalculated and wild decisions seems that of a rugby player playing footy for the first time. It doesn’t seem right and looks like an act. Whatever the situation it’s time Arsenal play the 18 year old Saliba who hasn’t been corrupted with ego. All David Luiz can do now is sit back and collect his £125,673 per week and watch as his team collapses into relegation. In this case I will give the 33 year old the benefit of the doubt and just say he’s as terrible as Almunia at net and forgot his skills due to amnesia.

What are your thoughts and theories on David Luiz’ play since joining Arsenal?

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