Arsenal Vs. Southhampton

Aubameyang Sabotage?

Lo and Behold! Arsenal barely squeaks by a draw to a Southhampton squad they hammered for a century. Gabriel was handed a red card in the 62′ minute, leaving Arsenal playing with 10 men. However do not let the red card distract you from the abysmal performance put on by our  £375,000-a-week superstar Forward. Or should I say act instead of performance?

During the 90 minute affair , you see Arsenal pressing hard through the left side. 90% of the attack was pushed by our passionate youngster Bukayo Saka. He played his heart out through the 90 minutes and you would even see him track back into the defensive zone to help our defenders who were struggling. Aubameyang throughout the whole 90 minute affair only took 1 shot. 1 shot by a world class striker! His only shot was the only goal that was set up by Saka and Nketiah. It would have been too obvious for him to miss it as the ball was placed 1 metre in front of the net. There were instances where he would run the ball off to the touchline when a perfectly set counter pass was sent to him through the middle. What adds even more fuel to Aubameyang sabotaging is Dani Ceballos averaged more shots than him as a midfielder in the match. There are two things to why Aubameyang is acting this way. The first one being he is siding with Ozil and is sabotaging to get Arteta sacked. The other one is he is trying his best for Arsenal to transfer him to another team. The transfer window will open next month so it makes sense he is pushing for a transfer from North London. If this is the case Arteta should immediately sit him and play the young up and coming forward Florian Balogun.

I would like to point out Maitland-Niles’ performance today as a massive upgrade over Bellerin also. He fully locked down his side of the area and wreaked havoc for attacking wingers. Pepe seemed to be disgruntled as well and gave 10% effort. At one point he even laughed when he purposely shot the ball over the net , aiming at the moon. It’s time we get rid of the dead weight and end the embarrassment. Certain Senior players do not deserve to wear the red and white and make a mockery of it. Play the youngsters before relegation becomes a reality!

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