Is Arteta a fraud? Or a Victim?

Arsenals start to the new season has become a nightmare scenario that is all too familiar. In old Arsenal fashion the “blame the manager” narrative has been a hot talking point as of late. Are fans and pundits correct with blaming Arteta for the misfortunes of the new season? Or is the level headed Spaniard a victim of player Sabotage?

So far Mikel Arteta has a record of 4 Wins 1 Draw and 7 losses. The most recent loss coming from bottom tier Burnley, a squad that hasn’t beaten Arsenal for the past 46 years. It is only fitting this type of historic defeat would happen to Arsenal football club. The defeat of 46 years wasn’t even in the spotlight in the media , what took the limelight is Artetas’ abysmal selection of choosing midfielder Xhaka over Up-And-Coming young star Emile Smith Rowe. Yes this was massive mistake which does highlight Artetas inability in squad selection. However let’s highlight Arsenals 6 shots on goal. Are Aubameyang, Willian , Lacazette deliberately missing shots in front of the net on purpose? How are Elite Professional football players missing shots in front of the goal from 2 meters away?

So far Aubameyang has taken a total of 24 shots compared to Harry Kane’s 46 shots and Calvert-Lewin’s 37 shots. Which means Aubameyang is simply not taking shots. Wait a how in the world is a World Class Striker not taking shots? Isn’t it his job to take shots and hopefully one of those shots ends up in the back of the net? Isn’t that what Arsenal paid Aubameyang a salary of £375,000 a week to do? Instead what we’re witnessing is a mutiny. The players are deliberately losing games on purpose by sabatoge to get the manager sacked as they did with Unai Emery. But why would they do that someone might ask? It’s simple, Arteta is known to be a disciplinary as with Emery. Also Arteta along with Emery happen to to have the bad habit of favouritism. The senior players have gotten used to Arsene Wengers relaxed attitude and club policies. We must remember Wenger was the same guy who kept Mertesacker for nearly a decade. There were also rumours Wenger would hold a single practice in a week. Imagine collecting a salary and not having to show up to work while also not worrying about your job being on the line. That is what you call a Dream Job and this is what these Senior players were accustomed to. It was all taken away from them when Wenger left.

Game by game it is becoming more obvious certain players are throwing games. This will occur until a new manager that is a bit more laxed will arrive. Or unless ownership wakes up and removes the poison minds from the dressing room starts fresh with new signings and the passionate young core they already have.

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