There is light at the end of the Tunnel- Arsenal vs. Chelsea

Watching the Gunners play with heart and passion was something I’ve not seen since the invincible era. Arteta finally caved in and inserted Smith-Rowe into the start XI along with fan favorite Martinelli. Ditching the Willian, Pepe wing attack he favored all season. Arteta came to his senses and realized the only way Arsenal can get out of this hole is by playing the young stars who excel at playing together. Saka, Martinelli, and Tierney were a handful for Chelsea defenders throughout as Arsenal kept the pressure on Chelsea the whole 90 minutes.

Seeing the youngsters play their heart out game in game out hopefully puts faith in a Saliba/Gabriel tandem in the near future. I must give credit where it’s due as Xhaka redeemed himself with passionate play and powering in a left footed free kick past Mendy. The more shots Arsenal takes the higher the chance we have at winning games. We took 15 shots with 7 of them being on goal, a much higher number than the 6 we took last game against Man City . As much as I like Lacazette his time is done and Balogun must be given a chance to play with the new young core. This is only way we can win key games in the future. The future looks bright for the gunners with the young core, and hopefully we get to see them all in the starting XI in early 2021 with Houssem Aouar in the mix.

With a Fullham draw , this win places us 6 points ahead of relegation. Another win against Brighton will make it 9. Arteta must have faith in the youngsters coming forward to survive the season. We will see if the Senior players take notice of the youngsters passionate play and hopefully it rubs off on them!

On the Highway to Relegation

We’re on the HIGGHHWAYYYY to hellll! Reality has finally sunk in and relegation is becoming more and more real as every match passes. I find it quite odd that in my Arsenal vs. Southampton post I spoke about an Aubameyang sabotage, and for crying out loud here he is missing with “calf tightness”. Did Auba finally get his wish and is being transferred out this coming January? I knew a loss was inevitable today against Everton as soon as I seen Arteta resort back to the abysmal 3-4-3 formation with Nketiah , Willian , Holding, and David Luiz in the fold. Also Pepe is clearly disgruntled and must be dismissed from the club immediately! He lacks passion, doesn’t care about the outcome , lethargic gameplay, and is unmotivated every match! As fans we must be able to accept the harsh reality of relegation unless something is done. I’m old enough to remember Leeds United being a powerhouse in the EPL and being suddenly relegated in the 2003/2004 season. This was a shocker to me as Leeds were a dominant team for decades. Now I see Arsenal following the same footsteps, it’s to see we have some deluded fans who think relegation is impossible. It took Leeds nearly 16 years just to get back! Do we want to wait a quarter of a lifetime to be back in the league? What kind of clubs’ only achievement is to make Top 4? We are set up to lose as this brings a low standard of achievement . Every club should have the hope of winning the title and make that the goal of every season.

An Everton squad without James and Alan looked like Liverpool today. We have a tendency to make trash and mediocre teams look like Liverpool. Change is needed, and the Arteta experiment is not working out. I do feel bad as his short tenure was sabotaged by certain players, but as a manager you should be able to see this and find a solution. He is just not ready to lead a team and I won’t mind seeing him as an assistant manager for Arsenal in the near future.

As fans we are told to “Trust the Process” a term most likely being pushed by Arsenals PR firm. I’ll give you a quick background where this term came from. Me as I watch every sport I quickly recognized this ploy to calm the fanbase. This was a term created by the Philladelphia 76ers an NBA team who kept losing every season. Players would get injured and miss the whole season. The team would purposely lose to get higher draft picks. This happened for almost 4 years and fans were told to “Trust the Process” as upper management battled each other for power of the franchise. Finally the franchise sacked the general manager and the team started winning again. I bring this up because fans were told to “Trust the process” and they believed this junk every year being fed to them. As Arsenal fans don’t fall for this American PR trap to keep us blinded on what’s really going on with the club. We have players , personnel, boardroom executives, and an owner who all don’t give two shits about the club. Their main motivation is money and they can care less if the club is in the EFL championship league next season. Stop being fooled by the awesome looking merchandise and fancy PR slogans. Voice your opinion and demand change , a change that is not led by shills and pundits who are bought out and sent all the new merchandise. The next game is Chelsea and that is already a write off so let’s look forward to the Brighton match on the 29th as we battle relegation.

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Who is the Rat?

As of recent, Arteta told his team he would “Destroy” the player who has allegedly been leaking inside information. In this post I will discuss the main suspects and give the reasons why they are and why they aren’t the rat.

Alexandre LacazetteReason Why he is the Rat: Has been on and off in the rotation since last season. Clearly is disgruntled about the lack of playing time , expressions and gestures while on the pitch shows this. Hasn’t been resigned and will be sold this upcoming transfer window.

Why he isn’t: Has been with the club since 2017. Loved by the fan base and returns the love by always respecting fans. Hasn’t criticized the club in the past few years he’s been there. One of the highest paid senior players with a salary of £182,063 weekly, a salary he wouldn’t get close to seeing with any other club. So why ruin a good thing?

Mikel Arteta and co.Reason why: Seems fed up with certain Senior players attitudes. Lost the dressing room as there is a clear divide. Leaking info to the media about certain players has been a tactic used since the Wenger days. Wenger specifically used this tactic against Star Forward Robin Van Persie. This ended up turning the fan base against him and eventually we seen Van Persie being pushed out by the club. Even though his desire was to remain with Arsenal. This tactic was also used against many players of the past such as Henry, Vieira , Adebayor, Fabregas etc..

Why he isn’t: Currently Arteta is a new manager so he hasn’t been corrupted yet by the dark side of club transfers. Wants to leave a lasting impression that he is an honest and good manager so has no reason to do otherwise.

Mesut Ozil : Why he is: Ozil has been banished from the club. Hasn’t suited up since March 2020 . Adidas announced they will not be renewing Ozil’s deal after five years. The club doesn’t back him and makes him look like a problem athlete who doesn’t want to be with the squad.

Why he isn’t: Ozil is the most popular player to wear the Arsenal jersey for the past decade. Is loved by the fan base internationally. Also very well respected in the dressing room with other teammates. Has no reason to turn on teammates who have stood by him ever since he’s been banished. Despises the media as they have been targeting him ever since he joined the club in 2013.

David Luiz : Why he is: Probably the main suspect next to Arteta and co. What more can I say other than he is a wild man. Beat up Ceballos in training and has been a wrecking ball ever since he joined the squad. Hasn’t spoken to Arteta in weeks so what better way to get the manager sacked than to leak the chaos unfolding within the team.

Why he isn’t : Can’t really think of any reasons to why he isn’t the rat. Other than most of the leaked rumours involve him so why rat on himself?

Granit Xhaka: Why he is: Not liked by many players on the team. Despised by the fan base, and Arsenal Legends. Kind of is a lone wolf at the club with only Arteta backing him. What better way to get revenge on the fan base you despise and the teammates who dislike you.

Why he isn’t : Is loved by the Club and Arteta. Why would he ruin a good thing as he is clearly benefiting from being Arsenal’s main guy.

Hector Bellerin: Why he is: Also not liked by many teammates. Has been with the squad since 2011 so is probably sick of the politics in the Club.

Why he isn’t: He is Artetas’ favorite player and was raised by him as well. He wouldn’t want to ruin the image of his father figure. Or to a club he’s been with since his teenage years

Nicolas Pepe: Why he is: Has been somewhat of a disappointment since coming from Lille. Has been criticized since arrival as he is not living up to the £72 million fee expectations. Came into a bad situation and most likely wants out.

Why he isn’t: Is close to teammates , so there is no reason for him to leak info about them. Too new to be involved in club politics.

Overall my theory this is a Club ploy to push out certain players during the upcoming transfer window.

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Arsenal Vs. Southhampton

Aubameyang Sabotage?

Lo and Behold! Arsenal barely squeaks by a draw to a Southhampton squad they hammered for a century. Gabriel was handed a red card in the 62′ minute, leaving Arsenal playing with 10 men. However do not let the red card distract you from the abysmal performance put on by our  £375,000-a-week superstar Forward. Or should I say act instead of performance?

During the 90 minute affair , you see Arsenal pressing hard through the left side. 90% of the attack was pushed by our passionate youngster Bukayo Saka. He played his heart out through the 90 minutes and you would even see him track back into the defensive zone to help our defenders who were struggling. Aubameyang throughout the whole 90 minute affair only took 1 shot. 1 shot by a world class striker! His only shot was the only goal that was set up by Saka and Nketiah. It would have been too obvious for him to miss it as the ball was placed 1 metre in front of the net. There were instances where he would run the ball off to the touchline when a perfectly set counter pass was sent to him through the middle. What adds even more fuel to Aubameyang sabotaging is Dani Ceballos averaged more shots than him as a midfielder in the match. There are two things to why Aubameyang is acting this way. The first one being he is siding with Ozil and is sabotaging to get Arteta sacked. The other one is he is trying his best for Arsenal to transfer him to another team. The transfer window will open next month so it makes sense he is pushing for a transfer from North London. If this is the case Arteta should immediately sit him and play the young up and coming forward Florian Balogun.

I would like to point out Maitland-Niles’ performance today as a massive upgrade over Bellerin also. He fully locked down his side of the area and wreaked havoc for attacking wingers. Pepe seemed to be disgruntled as well and gave 10% effort. At one point he even laughed when he purposely shot the ball over the net , aiming at the moon. It’s time we get rid of the dead weight and end the embarrassment. Certain Senior players do not deserve to wear the red and white and make a mockery of it. Play the youngsters before relegation becomes a reality!

The Xhaka Paradox

Paradox – a situation, person, or thing that combines contradictory features or qualities

Xhaka, Just who is this individual who has suited up for the Gunners for the past 4 years? Who is this individual manning our midfield but also being non-existent at the same time? The only word in my mind to describe him as is “paradox”. How did this Swiss international slip through the cracks of one of the most famous and elite clubs in Premier League history? Not only did he slip through the cracks, he also captained this club for 2 seasons. But just who is he? Let’s take a quick look at his statistical background.

On May . 25. 2016 Arsenal signed the Swiss Midfielder for a fee of £35 million from the Bundesliga squad Borussia Monchengladbach. During his 4 year tenure at Borussia , you would think he was a stud in the Bundesliga. A quick look at his stats show otherwise. During 108 games with the squad he tallied 6 goals , 3 assists, and a whopping 43 cards. 43 cards! How is this possible you might ask? Well he is very slow paced so he ends up fouling once a player gets by him , it’s quite simple. Or he simply can’t defend if his life depended on it. “But hey he’s not a CDM , so why should he defend”? A deluded fan might ask. So if he’s not a CDM then he is a CM which means he should be able to create. How is 3 assists in 108 games creating. Isn’t it a Central Midfielders job to create for your teammates? Also with 43 cards that makes you a liability for your team. How did a midfielder with 3 assists and 43 cards show up on Arsenals radar? What’s even more shocking is his Arsenal stats.

Ironically Xhaka has tallied 43 cards in 130 EPL matches as well. The most recent one enacting an Undertaker Choke on Burnley player Ashley Westwood, oh what a tough guy he is ! Now back on to his Arsenal stats, Xhaka has totaled 8 goals, and a measly 13 assists in 130 EPL matches. Let’s compare that to Ozil’s 45 assists in 126 matches in the EPL . So a midfielder that can’t pass, doesn’t shoot, has no vision, can’t defend but was once dubbed a “Young Schweinsteiger”? This makes him a walking paradox, Managers see qualities in him that us fans and stats can’t see. Well hey there’s one thing I must say he is amazing at , which is his short back passes that accounts for his spectacular 93% passing rating . Credit where it’s due.

All in all I’m starting to think Xhaka’s father or mother is a Swiss Banker that gives Arsenal premium rates. This is the only explanation for how he has maintained a starting job and Captaincy.

Is David Luiz a Saboteur sent from Chelsea? Or just simply sucks?

David Luiz after cracking Raul Jimenez Skull

It’s been a strange year over in North London. It has gotten to the point where you wonder where certain players Loyalty lies. Is it to the club and die hard fans or is it to the Pound Sterling. One person that make me definitely think otherwise is a man by the name of David Luiz. Our “Passionate” , “Fiery” , “Hard Working” central defender, ya right (Eye Roll). After setting a new Premier League for most penalties conceded in one season by a single player last season. He follows up that campaign with cracking Jimenez skull during the Wolverhampton match thus ending the players season and maybe even career.

Luiz has only appeared in 6 matches in the premier league so far with a record of 2 wins and 4 losses while he’s at the back. The season just began and he’s already missed half of the season. I can’t help to wonder, is he sabotaging the games on purpose for another club or does he have a gambling problem where he throws games? Who knows? But what I do know is David Luiz was not that type of player who suited up for the Blues at Stamford Bridge. His miscalculated and wild decisions seems that of a rugby player playing footy for the first time. It doesn’t seem right and looks like an act. Whatever the situation it’s time Arsenal play the 18 year old Saliba who hasn’t been corrupted with ego. All David Luiz can do now is sit back and collect his £125,673 per week and watch as his team collapses into relegation. In this case I will give the 33 year old the benefit of the doubt and just say he’s as terrible as Almunia at net and forgot his skills due to amnesia.

What are your thoughts and theories on David Luiz’ play since joining Arsenal?

Is Arteta a fraud? Or a Victim?

Arsenals start to the new season has become a nightmare scenario that is all too familiar. In old Arsenal fashion the “blame the manager” narrative has been a hot talking point as of late. Are fans and pundits correct with blaming Arteta for the misfortunes of the new season? Or is the level headed Spaniard a victim of player Sabotage?

So far Mikel Arteta has a record of 4 Wins 1 Draw and 7 losses. The most recent loss coming from bottom tier Burnley, a squad that hasn’t beaten Arsenal for the past 46 years. It is only fitting this type of historic defeat would happen to Arsenal football club. The defeat of 46 years wasn’t even in the spotlight in the media , what took the limelight is Artetas’ abysmal selection of choosing midfielder Xhaka over Up-And-Coming young star Emile Smith Rowe. Yes this was massive mistake which does highlight Artetas inability in squad selection. However let’s highlight Arsenals 6 shots on goal. Are Aubameyang, Willian , Lacazette deliberately missing shots in front of the net on purpose? How are Elite Professional football players missing shots in front of the goal from 2 meters away?

So far Aubameyang has taken a total of 24 shots compared to Harry Kane’s 46 shots and Calvert-Lewin’s 37 shots. Which means Aubameyang is simply not taking shots. Wait a how in the world is a World Class Striker not taking shots? Isn’t it his job to take shots and hopefully one of those shots ends up in the back of the net? Isn’t that what Arsenal paid Aubameyang a salary of £375,000 a week to do? Instead what we’re witnessing is a mutiny. The players are deliberately losing games on purpose by sabatoge to get the manager sacked as they did with Unai Emery. But why would they do that someone might ask? It’s simple, Arteta is known to be a disciplinary as with Emery. Also Arteta along with Emery happen to to have the bad habit of favouritism. The senior players have gotten used to Arsene Wengers relaxed attitude and club policies. We must remember Wenger was the same guy who kept Mertesacker for nearly a decade. There were also rumours Wenger would hold a single practice in a week. Imagine collecting a salary and not having to show up to work while also not worrying about your job being on the line. That is what you call a Dream Job and this is what these Senior players were accustomed to. It was all taken away from them when Wenger left.

Game by game it is becoming more obvious certain players are throwing games. This will occur until a new manager that is a bit more laxed will arrive. Or unless ownership wakes up and removes the poison minds from the dressing room starts fresh with new signings and the passionate young core they already have.